Refractions – Artistic Research in Architecture


Architecture can be a process of searching for answers, whether in the form of manifestoes, poetics, essays, or physical models or drawings. This book investigates how architects undertake such a search, and perhaps—if the arbitrariness of the process and the directed, reflective effort should coincide happily—discover new paths in the field’s topography.


Artistic research has been discussed for decades within architecture and other artistic disciplines. Yet clarification still remains necessary with respect to the relation between art and science, and to such concepts as research and knowledge, to the extent that these stand in relation to artistic research. How can certain practices and methods result in particular types of systematic work? What links can be traced, or can be established, between creative work and interpretive work—that is, among ethics, poetics, and hermeneutics?


Refractions—Artistic Research in Architecture consists of a series of essays that investigate the practice that we call artistic research. It also contains interviews with a number of researchers, all of whom have worked within the frame of this concept—and presents visual material that attests to the wide compass of such reflective artistic production.





Architectural Archaeology—An Archaeology of the Common Element in Architecture

Elise Lorentsen


The Terrain Vague State of Mind

Kristine Annabell Torp


Sketch Diagrams

Anna Katrine Hougaard


The Tragic Vertical Line—An Attempt to Determine the Visual Counterpart of Tragedy

Christoffer Thorborg


Serpent Formations—John Hejduk and the Poetics of the Curving Line

Martin Søberg




View from Inside

Kristine Annabell Torp


Forest House

Shingle House

Shrine House

House of the Tragic Poet

Platform House

Beach House

Kristine Annabell Torp


The Appearance of Light

Louise Grønlund


A Museum for Palle Nielsen

Christoffer Thorborg



Thomas Bo Jensen

Carsten Juel-Christiansen

Peter Bjerrum

Helle Brabrand

Peter Bertram

Anders Abraham



Framing Artistic Research—

A Correspondence

Henrik Oxvig

Claus Peder Pedersen